Customer Checklist

Have all your information ready prior to filing

Customer Checklist

Use this list to help prepare your tax documents

Personal Information

SSN or ITIN, full  birth dates for everyone included on your return
Valid DL/State issued ID, Passport, Military I.D. Resident Alien, Matricula Consular
Proof of address for taxpayer and all dependents (Examples: Utility bills, Medical records, School records)
Childcare records (including the provider’s ID number)
NOTE: If you are not the parent of the dependent a signed note will be required explaining why the parent did not claim the dependent (example: Parent had no income).


All forms that say W-2, 1098, 1099 or Schedule K-1
If self-employed need all records for income and expenses for the year, business licenses and business EIN
Interest income from bank accounts
Purchase date and total investments in any stocks or property
Miscellaneous/Itemized Deductions

Records of any contributions you made to IRA’s, other retirement plans, and HAS’s
Records of tuition and other higher education expenses (including 1098T)
Childcare records (including the provider’s ID number)
Mortgage interest, real estate and personal property tax records
Records of cash amounts donated to houses of worships, schools, and other charitable organization
Employment-related expenses of state/local income tax paid (dues, travel, and publication, tools uniform cost and cleaning)
Job search/ moving expenses
Affordable Care Act Form 1095-A if you enrolled an insurance plan through the Federal or a state Marketplace